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Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

Care & services offered at the CDMD dental center


We offer a complete range of dental prostheses for all cases. This may include fixed crowns and bridges; removable, complete or partial dentures; precision attachments on dental implants or natural teeth.

Kinds of caries
  1. The dentist prepares the tooth or teeth – he reduces their size – and makes a temporary crown in order to maintain the functional and aesthetic aspects.
  2. The dentist takes an impression of the prepared teeth with a high precision rubberized material. It cements the temporary restoration that will cover the prepared teeth while waiting for the next step in the dental office.
  3. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory and the crown, veneer or bridge is made according to the dentist’s prescription
  4. At the next appointment, the dentist tries on the crown, veneer or bridge to check the fit, shape and color. If the restoration requires modifications, additional appointments may be required. Note that we show you the final restoration before cementing it.
  5. At the last appointment, the crown, veneer or bridge is cemented onto the prepared tooth(s). The longevity of a crown varies depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth, the quality of the bone and gum support, the materials used and the occlusion, that is, the way the crown makes contact with the opposing teeth. 
Kinds of caries
  1. The veneer looks like a crown but with the difference that its preparation preserves an external part of the natural tooth (a part remains intact).

Bridges and Partials

If you lose a tooth, you usually need to replace it with a prosthesis to prevent neighboring teeth from changing position.

  1. The fixed partial prosthesis (or fixed bridge) (See next point). The fixed partial denture is permanently attached to neighboring teeth and replaces one or two teeth. You cannot remove this kind of bridge yourself.
  2. The removable partial prosthesis (or partial). The removable partial denture is held in place by brackets that grip onto neighboring teeth or implants. It replaces several teeth and can be removed for cleaning.

During our 26 years of practice, we have invested enormous resources in identifying the best suppliers in order to offer you biocompatible materials (ie compatible with human biology) of the highest quality for all applications.