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The care offered by your dentist


Your dental health

Dental health results from a good partnership between you and your dentist. Your natural teeth are the best and we’ll do our best to ensure you don’t lose any of them. However, you must do your part, too, by brushing and flossing them, having good nutrition, seeing us regularly and adapting to treatment so that you can heal. Prevention is the most important part of good oral health.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums healthy

Prevention of caries and periodontal diseases

Your dental health

Caries examination, diagnosis and screening

How cavities form

Caries treatment

Sealing of pits and fissures




Hygiene tips

These services help prevent cavities and increase your independence.

Caries examination, diagnosis and screening

Cavities can be detected and assessed using our 4.5x magnifying glasses, scanned x-rays and a laser beam that can detect the depth of a cavity. If you have dental cavities, we know that there are cavities that cause cavities. You are therefore at risk for the multiplication of dental caries.

Caries predisposition test

The buffering power of saliva can neutralize acids, which are harmful to teeth. Determining the buffering capacity of saliva and the salivary flow rate with the CRT buffer test reveals the effectiveness of this buffering capacity.


Dental cleaning is carried out by our hygienist who, using different instruments and techniques, removes dental plaque and stains that have accumulated on the teeth.