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Overall Review

The care offered by your dentist


Complete oral examination

Our mission is to offer you honest and comprehensive advice. Our knowledge of traditional dentistry and global health allows us to have a complete overview and to provide you with more tools, including a wide variety of biocompatible materials (ie compatible with human biology). We also offer services in functional dentistry, which includes the occlusion of teeth.

The first visit

It all starts with a comprehensive assessment, good planning and good advice. To obtain an overall picture of your dental and oral health, it is important for us to carry out a meticulous examination of all the walls of your teeth, the gums, the bones of the jaw, the mouth as well as the inside of the teeth. .

We must also familiarize ourselves with the lifestyle habits affecting your teeth and the history of your mouth in order to be able to give you the relevant advice for complete health. In order to develop a treatment plan that includes all necessary oral procedures, we recommend the following assessment steps to arrive at an accurate diagnosis:

Elaborate Dentist Assessment Procedures:

  1. We will establish your medical history.
  2. We will talk about your oral goals, what matters to you, ie your concerns, your problems, your aspirations, etc.
  3. We will carry out a radiological examination: digital intra-oral and panoramic X-rays (this reduces your exposure to radiation by almost 70%, compared to traditional devices), in order to detect the cavities between the teeth and to see the state of the dental bone. If you have x-rays taken less than a year ago, it would be helpful to bring them.
  4. We will examine the mouth and associated structures using 4.5x magnifying glasses under an unshaded halogen lamp. Thus, we can check if there are any anomalies.
  5. In order to check the position of the teeth, we will, if necessary, make a buccodental impression for possible mounting on an adjustable articulator.
  6. If required, we will take digital photographs.
  7. We will communicate with your other healthcare professionals, if necessary, and we will refer you to specialists, if necessary.
  8. We will notify you of any additional diagnostic procedures or consultations that are required.
  9. We will discuss everything together, taking into account your priorities and your budget.

The mouth examination covers four areas:

  1. Periodontics : examination of the gums and the bones that surround them to check their condition.
  2. Biomechanical examination : examination of the structure of the entire dentition to detect cavities, visually and using a laser, to identify defective repairs, broken teeth, etc.
  3. The functional examination : examination of the occlusion, that is to say the way in which your teeth close together, without forgetting the state of the jaw joint.
  4. The dentofacial examination : observation of the harmony between the teeth, the shape of the face, the smile and the aesthetics of the teeth.

Recommended treatments:

Our long-term goal is to help you achieve good oral health and beautiful teeth. We will discuss together the treatment plan best suited to your case. We will offer you advice on hygiene, prevention and different treatment alternatives. If you decide to delay the start of your treatments, we will inform you about the risk factors and prognoses.

Refer you as needed

In some cases, we may refer you to a healthcare professional from another discipline. Some situations may require additional specialized treatment such as:


After our examinations, we will discuss your treatment plan together. Our intention is to provide you with all the relevant information concerning your dental health so that you can clearly understand the interventions that are necessary. It is of the utmost importance to us to take the time to listen to you, to fully understand your value system in order to present to you, using 3D models and videos, the most appropriate treatment choices for your needs and most in line with your aspirations. We want to establish a relationship with you based on integrity and trust.

We consider our dental assessment procedures, developed over the past 26 years, to be very comprehensive.