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The aesthetic appearance of your teeth remains a subjective and personal choice. It is affected by several factors including: the coloring of the teeth, the loss of enamel fragments, the space between the teeth, the shape of the teeth according to that of your face. Aesthetic solutions can include a full range of our services; we will focus here on teeth whitening.

In most cases, the natural color of the teeth varies from grayish to yellow. Teeth darken naturally with age, and the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks can affect their appearance by staining their surface. Note that the perception of the color of the teeth is strongly affected by what surrounds it, such as the color of the skin and the lips, for example.

Since teeth lose their natural whiteness as they age, many people want to regain a youthful and radiant smile by proceeding with teeth whitening.

We offer you a teeth whitening method whose objective is to restore your teeth to their original color, which is generally whiter. The result will give you a radiant, aesthetic, well-groomed smile and, possibly, a boost of confidence.

Extensive assessment procedures

Here are our recommendations and an explanation of the process. Before making repairs to your visible teeth, you should whiten them so that the color is uniform.

Before teeth whitening in the dental clinic:
Our range of aesthetically natural products

Easily assimilated thanks to a global concept of masses and stratifications.

Remarkable results thanks to properties of refraction and reflection of light similar to those of natural enamel.

Perfectly matched materials offer the patient excellent comfort in the mouth thanks to fine-structure and micro-particle technologies.

Shade taking, shade communication, shade reproduction and perfect shade control with VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER.

To help you better understand the procedures in this section, you can watch in the office, using our 3D video presentation system, the treatments offered in detail.

To achieve a balanced and harmonious aesthetic result, it is necessary to adopt a personalized and global approach for each case. At CDMD, our knowledge of the many facets of oral health allows us to offer you the highest quality aesthetic service.